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CHINAJKDC is a technology company providing innovative design, engineering and manufacturing of X-ray luggage scanners, pedestrian metal detectors and access control systems, turnstiles integrated with applicable software.

CHINAJKDC was established in 2002 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China. We specialize in the development of X-ray luggage scanners and access control systems and the manufacture of X-ray machines and turnstiles for different industrial plants, administrative buildings, banks, sports and entertainment venues, retail stores, airports, railway stations, buildings Construction site, etc.

We offer different types of cost-effective X-ray machines and high-quality gates, namely Tripod Gates, Swing Gates, Bar Gates, Full Height Gates, Wheelchair Access Gates and Barrier Gates. A wide range of x-ray inspection machines and turnstiles with custom designs and controls are available for customers to make the best choice when installing their inspection stations.

We always maintain a team of professional knowledge and high-quality professionals to provide complete solutions for X-ray luggage scanners and access control security control, and have gained recognition and reputation worldwide. Since the company reorganization in 2007, our export business has expanded to Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Spain, Chile, Cube and the United States and more and more European countries.

JKDC Security Guarantee Terms

Within 1 month after the product is sold, on the premise of non-human damage, it can be replaced free of charge under certain conditions. We pay the freight for domestic market.

If the product cannot be used due to quality problems within one year after sale, it can be replaced for free on the premise of non-human damage. We only pay the freight for domestic market.

The warranty period is one year. During the warranty period, if the product is damaged or damaged according to the instructions, we will provide free repair service or free replacement. In addition to the warranty period, we continue to provide lifetime maintenance services mainly for core components.

The warranty time is calculated from the date of the manufacturer. If there are special circumstances, the user, the sales agent, and the manufacturer can negotiate.

Even within the warranty period, if the following situations occur, a certain repair fee will be charged.

Faults and damages caused by incorrect use, unauthorized repairs, and alterations.

Damage caused by fire, flood, abnormal voltage, other natural disasters and secondary damage to the product.

Product failure caused by drop, transportation failure after purchase.

Product failure caused by failure to follow the user manual.

Malfunctions and damages due to other obstacles (human factors or external equipment).

Purchase without warranty card and purchase invoice

The product model, production number, purchase date, agent name, etc. on the warranty card are incomplete, or one of them has been altered. Free replacement within the warranty period, please be sure to fill in the “Warranty Card” correctly

For repairs after the warranty period, we repair some products and only charge the cost of the parts.

This warranty card cannot be replaced under any circumstances, please be sure to keep this warranty card and show it to the dealer when repair or replacement is required.

After-sales service If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.Email:admin@teemeng.com