Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the rotating door

The rotating door is a common automatic door. It consists of multiple door fans and can be opened and closed by rotating. In business and public places, the rotating doors are widely used because they can effectively control the traffic and improve security and convenience. In this article, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the rotating door.


1. Control people flow
The rotating door can effectively control the traffic, especially at the peak period. Since they only allow one person to enter or leave, this can reduce crowds and confusion. In addition, the rotating door can prevent people from colliding when entering and leaving, thereby improving safety.

2. Save energy
The rotating door can reduce operating costs by saving energy. Since they only open when needed, they can reduce air circulation, thereby reducing the use of air conditioners and heating. In addition, the rotating door can also use solar panels to provide electricity, which can further reduce energy consumption.

3. Improve convenience
The rotating door can improve convenience, especially for those who hold items in their hands. Because they are automatic, people do not need to use their arms or feet to open the door. In addition, rotating doors can also adapt to people with inconvenient actions, such as wheelchair users.


1. Hidden safety hazards
Although the rotating door can improve security, they may also bring hidden safety hazards. If people do not use the rotary door correctly, or the rotating door is not properly maintained, they may cause personnel to be injured or trapped. In addition, in a fire or emergency, the rotating door may hinder the escape of personnel.

2. High maintenance cost
The rotating door needs to be maintained and maintained regularly to ensure their normal operation. This requires professional technology and professional equipment, which may increase maintenance costs. In addition, if the rotating door needs to be replaced or large -scale maintenance, the store or place may need to be closed, which will affect the business.

3. Not suitable for all places
Although rotating doors are widely used in business and public places, they are not suitable for all places. For example, in some places, such as hospitals or emergency exit, traditional sliding doors may be more suitable. In addition, in some areas, the rotating door may not be applicable due to climate conditions and other reasons.

in conclusion

In summary, the advantages and disadvantages need to be weighing when using the rotary door. Although they can control the traffic, save energy and improve convenience, they may also bring hidden safety hazards. Regular maintenance is not suitable for all places. Therefore, when choosing to use the rotary door, consider your specific needs and environment.

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